Do You Need a Website for Your Restaurant?

If you are opening a new restaurant and wondering if it’s worth it to have a website, the short answer is absolutely. We are not living in grandma’s era when people picked up the yellow pages and found an address and telephone number. People refer to websites for all the information they need about businesses. Let’s consider the benefits of websites.

• An eye appealing home page will draw clients into your restaurant. State your mission or have a catchy quote on this page. Make sure you have wonderful pictures of your food. Take pictures of your restaurant. Make sure you get some shots of people having a great time; families, party celebrations, watching sporting events, toasting an event. This is where your restaurant will get people’s attention. Pay for a professional photographer if necessary.

• Basic information is made readily available in one place. On the “about us” page of the website list owner and chef names, hours, location, map, and phone numbers. You might even consider having some frequently asked questions and answers here.

• Menus can be posted online. People want to know what kind of food you serve and what your prices are. Nothing will assist with this like having a menu page. Don’t be shy about this. When people have this information prior to arriving there are no surprises. It is of utmost importance to keep this information up-to-date. If there is a less expensive price on the site, honor it if someone mentions it.

• Reservations can be made online. Nothing makes a group feel more secure than knowing that they have a reservation before arriving at a restaurant. People love making plans ahead of time and a website makes this possible in one step. It is equally important that the site sends back an email confirmation of the reservation.

• A blog page from the website can be linked to social internet networking opportunities. Blog pages, facebook, and twitter have become a valuable tool for businesses. It is possible to link the blog to facebook and twitter. Your business should also have a facebook page where people can “like” it. Social networking online is like the telephone tree or chain letter of the “old days.”

Take some time to look over restaurant websites on the internet. There are a plethora of pages you can add. Pay for a first class design. A professional design can be very integral to a successful venture.

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