Secrets of the Most Successful Restaurants in the US

For many post-Great Recession Americans, eating out has become a rare treat rather than an weekly occurrence. Customers visit restaurants less often and are more selective in choosing where to dine. In this climate it could be argued that any restaurant still in business is a successful restaurant. However there are a certain few establishments that consistently pack ‘em in despite the rough economy. What are the secrets of the most successful restaurants in the US?

1. Fantastic food: A restaurant can be that trendy new spot with flawless service, great location and perfect atmosphere, but if the food is bad the place is doomed to failure. Repeat customers are crucial to the success of a restaurant. The meal must be memorable for all the right reasons. The opposite can also hold true. Everyone knows of at least one rundown dive that has the best ribs in town and a line out the door seven days a week.

2. Celebrity Chef: Thanks to the Food Network there seems to be no shortage charismatic cooks equally at home on the television screen and the restaurant kitchen. There’s nothing like good old star power to bring in the curious. Paula Deen’s The Lady & Sons restaurant is so busy she refers to her priority seating system as “an equal opportunity to eat with us.”

3. Find a niche: Chain restaurants have a built-in cadre of diners seeking the familiar. But many customers these days are looking for something a bit different when they eat out. Whether it’s local food, vegetarian/vegan or American comfort classics, when a restaurant identifies an under-served customer base it will find a loyal clientele waiting at its doors.

As the US economy rebounds ever so slowly, Americans are beginning to feel comfortable enough to dine out more than just occasionally. The most successful restaurants in the US pull out all the stops to ensure their customers a dining experience they would like to repeat.