Best Type Of Restaurant To Open

You have decided to open your own restaurant. You want to incorporate your own talents and add your own special touch to your business. You need to look at the options for which type would best suit you.

Restaurants are divided into three main categories. The first type is Quick Service. These restaurants serve foods that are quick to prepare. A drive thru window is usually available to give customers faster service and added convenience. They also cater to take out customers. The second type of restaurant is a Mid Scale. These eateries offer regular meals at competitive prices. They can be full service, buffet style, or limited service where the patrons order at the counter and the food is then delivered to their table. The third type of restaurant is Upscale. These establishments offer their customers full service dining and a lot of ambiance. The meal prices are higher because the menu is usually made of specialty items.

Once you have chosen the type of restaurant to open you then select a theme. You have so many options to choose from. Asian cuisine offers traditional Oriental foods. Casual dining has a more relaxed atmosphere, is family friendly and has reasonable prices. Coffee shops specialize in coffees and teas and offer lighter meals. Family restaurants usually have daily specials and a kid’s menu. They are very family friendly and the menu is priced for those on a budget. Ethnic restaurants offer traditional foods that are native to their country along with some Americanized foods.

Lately, many health conscious people are taking part in the slow carb diet. As a part of your menu, you could start incorporating items that would appeal to these people. For example, you could make any carbohydrate-heavy food an optional part of the dish. One good way to start getting ideas for this would be to look up slow carb recipes. From there, you can see if any of the recipes fit in with your restaurant’s theme.

Another choice to make in restaurant ownership is weather or not to be a dry establishment. Being dry means that no alcohol is served on the premises. There are pros and cons to both sides of this choice. Alcohol sales can greatly benefit your bottom line. However, getting permits and being inspected can be a hassle. You have to be concerned with legalities and the occasional irate patron who’s had a little too much to drink.
After you have decided on the type of restaurant and it’s theme you can start getting creative. Choose wait staff attire and decor that goes along with your theme. Print menus and start advertising to bring in your first customers.

Owning your own business can be exhilarating and overwhelming but you can make it a work. Choose the style that best suits you and you can’t go wrong.

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